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“Ethically Made in Nepal” – Why It Matters

Adit Thapa


“Ethically Made” is not just a tagline for us.

Have you ever been curious about where the garments you are wearing were made? Do you know whether it was ethically made? By supporting Pure and Organic, you are saying you care about where your products come from and how people are treated along the journey to make it into your hands. “Ethically Made” is not just a tagline for us. It matters a lot to us. We want to provide you the best products and at the same time to do it in an ethical and sustainable way. 

The majority of the garments available for purchase in Europe and the United States are made overseas, and nearly all of that is mass-produced in Asia. As the industry keeps booming, the workers continue enduring working in unsafe factories earning wages that is barely enough to support the worker whose sweat and hard work the industry relies on.  

Faced with this reality, we at Pure and Organic want to change all that.  

At Pure and Organic, we strive to empower our workers by making our products as ethically as we can. We operate in accordance to the Free Labor Association Code of Conduct to achieve decent and humane working conditions. This means paying fair wages and flexible working hours, guaranteeing that no child labor is allowed within our workshops, and maintaining a safe working environment. We prioritize employing women from marginalized and rural communities in Nepal. Besides employment, we also assist our workers in pursuing education and enhancing their capacity.